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Dr. Arlo Brady,  CEO of freuds, Chief Executive of The Brewery and Chairman of the Blue Marine Foundation


The world is waking up. Across demographics and geographies, COP26 has provided us with the vantage point we needed to reflect on our immediate future. There is lots to discuss and much complexity to absorb, but no one can be in any doubt that we have reached an inflexion point.

Whether the formal negotiations in Glasgow produce the kind of change that is needed remains in the balance.

From an individual perspective, it can be easy to feel despondent, particularly when we watch politicians struggling to make the international progress the world requires. The public has every right to be deeply concerned, but let’s remember not every outcome in life is pre-determined by government.

Whether you like it or not, the power of capitalism has changed the face of the world as we know it, and today still has the power to have a major impact on the topics addressed in this digest.

Great progress is already being made, more progress than at any other point in my lifetime.

So, I heartily applaud all the companies driving the climate agenda forward and I sincerely believe they can help provide the jump start that’s needed for the journey towards sustainable future that is still within our grasp.

Humankind has rarely shirked a challenge. Now we know the scale of what is ahead - as countries, companies, communities, campaigners and individuals - we must utilise every available opportunity to find the solutions to averting this one.

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